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For new submission,

  • Please suggest at least 3 potential reviewers and provide their detailed contact information including names, academic ranks, affiliations, and email addresses in the "Suggested reviewers" field. The suggested reviewers must be credible and free from any potential conflict of interest. Do not suggest reviewers from your same university or colleagues. It is up to the editors to decide whether to use the suggested reviewers. Note: At least half of the suggested reviewers must be from different countries. Please provide the website links of all suggested reviewers.
  • Please also submit a cover letter explaining why the study is important and deserves publication.
  • Supplementary file(s): The initial submission allows one supplementary file to be submitted together with the main manuscript file and cover letter. If you have more than one supplementary files, you can submit the extra ones after the initial submission in the manuscript login page (manuscript ID and login code will be issued when initial submission is completed).
  • Note that the number of references must not exceed 200 for any type of manuscripts including review.
  • Submitting author: We require that the submitting author to be the corresponding author. The corresponding author is responsible for ensuring that the author list and author contributions are accurate and complete. The person noted as the corresponding author should be the person who is actually responsible for ensuring that all the proper forms are submitted and accurate, and should be readily available for correspondence if International Journal of Beth Nahrayn Studies editors have questions or concerns.
  • Please list all co-authors' emails in the "Additional email or contact info" field. Please separate the emails by ",". It is essential that all authors are aware and agree that the manuscript is submitted to International Journal of Beth Nahrayn Studies.

Note: To submit a revision of an existing manuscript, please login in here and follow the "Submit revision" linkDo not submit a revision as a new submission otherwise it may be rejected.

Instructions for Authors

International Journal of Beth Nahrayn publishes papers of high quality in any area of interdisciplinary social science. Submission to the Journal is on the understanding that the article has not been previously published in any other form and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

  • Research Paper: Please provide full author information, a set of keywords, and an abstract on the title page. Supplementary materials can be published if necessary. Authors are encouraged to be concise although currently there is no length limit on a research paper.
  • Short Research Communication presents a concise study or sometimes preliminary but innovative research findings that might be less substantial than a full research paper. Short Research Communication is limited to 2500 words. It should have a set of keywords and an abstract summarizing background of the work, the results, and their implications. Results and Discussion Section should be combined and followed by a Conclusion. Materials and Methods will remain as a separate section. The number of references is limited to 30 and the number of figures and/or tables combined is limited to 4.
  • Letter: Description of novel findings that might not be suitable for a regular research paper or short research communication may be published as a letter. The letter is limited to be under 500 words and 5 references. There should be no more than two figures or tables combined and no supplementary material.
  • Commentary: This is the place for discussing controversial and/or interdisciplinary topics, viewpoints, and any other issues of interest. It is limited to a maximum of 10 references, 1 display (figure/table), and 1000 words including all contents.
  • Review or mini-review should be authoritative and of high interest. mini-review that should be some 3000 or 5000 words long (excluding references and figure legends). High-quality reviews from leading researchers in their fields are particularly welcome.

Studies that are performed in only one single cell line are not acceptable in this journal. Please do not submit manuscripts of studies with only single cell line.


A note on plagiarism (please read before submission): There is a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism (including self-plagiarism) in our journal. Manuscripts are screened for plagiarism before, during, and after publication, and if found they will be rejected at any stage. In case that a paper is already published in our journal and appears in PubMed Central but plagiarism is still detected or later reported by readers, it will be retracted from our journal and the authors' institutions and department heads will be notified to take actions. This includes data fabrication, data falsification and image manipulation.



Nezahat BAŞÇI, PhD
Persian Languages and Literature, Faculty of Literature
University of Mardin Artuklu, Mardin, Turkey*
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Executive Editors

Marcello MOLLICA, PhD
Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology
Department of Ancient and Modern Civilizations
University of Messina, Messina, Italy
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nicholas AL-JELOO, PhD
School of Foreign Language
University of Kadir Has, İstanbul, Turkey
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mehmet Sait TOPRAK, PhD
Profesor of Syriac Language
Depeartment of Syriac Language and Culture,
University of Mardin Artuklu
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Aziz Emmanuel Eliya AL-ZEBARI, PhD
Depeartment of English 
The Catholic University in Erbil, KRG. Iraq
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Shahlaa Wali JABBAR, PhD
Department of Sociology
Sallahaddin University, Erbil - KRG. Iraq
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

 Robin Hashim Shamuel. PhD
Lecturer at the Department of Syriac Language, College of Education – Salahaddin University
General Director of Syriac Culture & Arts, Erbil, KRG, Iraq
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Abdul Massih Saadi, PhD
Associate Professor of Syriac and Arabic
Baylor University, Waco, Texas 76798, USA
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